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Epicuren Skin Care

Epicuren is a state-of-the-art enzyme skin care treatment that has evolved into a new dimension in wellness. It is the only skin care line in the world that has en enzyme protein that can change the structure of the skin. 

Classic Epicuren Enzyme Facial 

Indulge your skin in a revolutionary facial that utilizes the skin's enhancing effects of metadermal enzymes and address sun damage, hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. It regenerates cell growth, giving your skin tonal clarity and balance. Our Bestseller! 

Probiotic Facial 

A calming and moisturizing facial that purifies and hydrates all skin types by detoxifying, oxygenating and invigorating the skin. It is very effective for problem skin and is especially  healing for acne- infected, dry, red or sensitive skin. Excellent treatment following a Micorderm Facial. 

Medical Acne Treatment 

This treatment is an amazing alternative to Acutane and other traditional acne treatments. Our approach is to focus on the patient holistically from the inside out. We concentrate on the bacterium that causes acne and stimulate the immune system through recommended home care. Immediate results expected. Consultations required prior to treatment. 

Eye Treatment 

Minimize your fine lines, dark circles and puffiness with the hydrating benefits of an eye treatment. Using our Epicuren products (Pro-Collagen, Eye Cream, Instant Lift and our exclusive Colostrum Cream) leaves your eyes looking refreshed and renewed. 

Rosecea Facial 

An excellent treatment for calming the most irritated and inflamed Rosacea. Expect immediate results from the extremely hydrating and soothing benefits of this facial. 

Microderm Facial 

An amazing alternative to laser treatment and chemical peels. A non invasive treatment that is fabulous for problems such as fine line and wrinkles, acne, blotches, pigmentation variations and small scars. 

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